Welcome To Grow Studio

Entertainment Unchained

Dive into a world where entertainment knows no bounds.

At Grow Studio, we're bringing transmedia to life through 'Plank Pushers' and 'Mindborn Sons', spanning everything from mobile to PC gaming and beyond.

Empowered by Web3 technology, you're no longer just a spectator, but a co-creator in this immersive journey. Let's play, create, and pioneer the future of entertainment together!

We are a multi-cultural collective of talent, united by a single goal:
to create innovative and engaging entertainment experiences that promote culture, diversity, and consumer empowerment.

Grow Studio is a team stacked with incredible creativity and vision, bolstered by decades of experience brought from major Media & Entertainment names such as Disney, Netflix, Marvel and more. Adding to that, we have the "been there, done it" knowledge of our Executive Producer, Martin Keltz, who pioneered Transmedia Entertainment when producing global sensations such as; The Magic School Bus, Goosebumps and The Baby Sitters Club.

Despite our many in-house talents, we know that
making waves in a world where the incumbents have always had it all their own way, we must empower the digitally native, creative collective who are no longer happy to sit back, put the feet up and consume.

"Co-Creation", "Peer-Production", whatever they want to call it, we DIG it!

Who We Are

Unleashing Creativity, Defying Boundaries

Mass Market Appeal

Appealing to a broad audience with immersive, accessible entertainment experiences.

Cultural Connection

Creating stories that resonate globally, fostering deep, meaningful cultural connections.

Multi-Platform Reach

Expanding narratives across platforms for maximum engagement and interactive exploration. 

Peer Production

By providing the platform, tools and foundational layer of IP, we will build a community of co-creators.

How We Do It

Immersive. Interactive. Engaging.

We're shattering the barriers of traditional entertainment. Using cutting-edge technologies, Grow Studio constructs transmedia narratives that dive deeper, reach farther, and resonate stronger. We're not just offering a story - we're offering a universe for you to explore, interact with, and influence.

This is interactive media, reinvented. This is entertainment, unchained.