Co-Creating the Next Big IP Universe

We believe the next Marvel or Blizzard will emerge from the minds of creative communities;


  • Have never seen the inside of a production studio but can navigate Game Engines like a pro!

  • Didn't go to NYU but know how to create OMG!

  • Couldn't find Hollywood on a map, but can build a 3D replica of it in Blender!

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, big studios no longer benefit from the large barrier to entry caused by production costs. We believe this will force a seismic shift in opportunity, towards the many millions of creative geniuses who previously didn't stand a chance in being part of a globally recognized IP Universe!

To ensure our IP hit's the ground running, we have built products with strong Cultural Resonance as the cornerstone of our foundations.

IP #1

Gamers Want Culture, Combat and Connection, Not Decentralization, Interoperability and Non-Fungible Things!

Don't Worry Gamers, We Got You!

The Web3 industry provides so much opportunity for developers to empower their audiences through the power of blockchain technologies, but, this empowerment should not come at the cost of fun, engaging gameplay!

We have spent 18 months developing our exhilarating and culture rich AAA quality game, Mindborn Sons, a truly unique gaming experience that leverages thousands of years of culture and lore from the largely untold mythologies of Southern Asia. We are sure it will connect with players emotionally through content they can resonate with.

IP #2

Web3 To The Rescue

Plank Pushers is leading a revolution in entertainment IP. Built on an amazing story, we’re launching a media flywheel that engages and rewards fans; creates massive opportunities for partnerships and licensing; and embeds bleeding-edge technology (AI, 2D/3D film, NFTs) to deliver a premium entertainment experience.

The Gatekeepers Of The Entertainment Industry Are Exploiting Creators!