The Game Is Rigged

Creator exploitation needs to stop, here we detail some examples of how those who create value, seldom reap the rewards.

Grow Studio & ChatGPT

5/30/20231 min read

At Grow Studio, we have identified significant disparities in the distribution of value within various entertainment industries. The imbalance between the creators, who form the backbone of these industries, and the corporate platforms, which profit disproportionately from their work, is glaring and unjust.

In the music industry, artists receive only a small fraction from streaming platforms. For instance, as per Soundcharts data from 2020, Spotify pays a mere $0.00348 per stream. This translates to needing over 336,842 plays for an artist to earn the US monthly minimum wage.

Similarly, in the film and TV industry, screenwriters face exploitation. Data from the Writers Guild of America reveals that in 2017, over half of the guild's film writers earned less than $25,000 from screenwriting, while the revenue for major film studios ran into billions.

The gaming industry presents a comparable scenario. Platforms such as Valve's Steam, which is one of the leading online marketplaces for PC gaming, takes a 30% cut from game sales. This significant cut affects independent developers, in particular, who rely heavily on their revenues for survival.

Even in book publishing, authors are left with only a small percentage of book sales. As reported by the Authors Guild in 2018, authors earned just 24% of the net revenue from their published works, while the lion's share of the profit went to the publishers.

In the comic industry, the creator of "The Winter Soldier," Ed Brubaker, has stated that his earnings from the cameo appearance in the movie outstrip what he earned from creating the character itself.

At Grow Studio, our mission is to rectify these discrepancies and ensure a fairer distribution of value. We aim to provide a platform where creators are justly compensated for their contributions, thereby establishing a more equitable model for the entertainment industry.